Starkey Hearing Aids

The brainchild of hearing aid repair expert William Austin, who purchased Starkey Labs earmold company in 1970, Starkey hearing aids were the result of applying his expertise to the development of hearing aids.

Starkey’s simple philosophy, “Hear better. Live better,” combined with aggressive marketing that targeted an elite market, made the company a renowned hearing aid manufacturer almost overnight as five US presidents, two popes, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and other notable world leaders discovered the benefits of better hearing, thanks to their Starkey hearing aids.

Taking a lead role in AI sound processing innovation in the 21st century, Starkey is further distinguishing itself in the hearing aid industry.

Starkey Processing Technology

Starkey’s technological breakthrough in AI sound processing helped the company become a 21st century leader in AI technology, which continues to grow in the pursuit of providing naturally clear sound processing.

An application of their AI innovations is its use in analyzing the acoustic environment as a person moves from one location to another in order to detect changes and make automatic adjustments to the sound profile and then deliver improved speech intelligibility to the hearing aid wearer.

A Starkey hearing aid model

Starkey Hearing Aids Features

Device settings, volume and custom hearing profiles are easy to customize by using tap control and other cutting-edge input technologies included with Starkey hearing aids, which also provide language translation, fall detection and alerts from information gathered by them. This information along with physical activity, cognitive health information and more can be tracked and shared with healthcare and hearing care providers.

Crisp clarity when talking on the phone and music the way it was meant to be heard are available, thanks to streaming capabilities of Starkey hearing aids, which can also link directly to your smartphone, tablet, PC and other digital devices.

Buyers can choose either traditional battery model hearing aids or models with customized recharging capabilities.

Using the Thrive Care app, the hearing aid wearer can receive ongoing counselling, remote programming and more from their hearing care provider or the manufacturer by using their hearing device and smartphone.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Hometown Hearing Centres

Our doctors of audiology use tools like Starkey hearing aids to help improve your hearing, but our patients, not the technology, are always the primary focus of the personalized hearing care our team of hearing care professionals provides.

Better hearing doesn’t happen overnight; it’s an ongoing journey that involves a commitment to providing the best hearing care solutions to meet the unique needs of each individual. We start with an accurate diagnosis of the type and severity of hearing loss for each of our patients, but from that point forward, the journey is unique for each individual.

Besides selling and fitting our patients with hearing aids from Phonak, ReSound, Signia and Starkey, we also deliver on our promise of ongoing personal hearing care by providing our new and existing patients with troubleshooting and technical support, device maintenance and hearing aid repair for a wide range of hearing aid brands.

If you believe hearing aids might be the right solution to overcome your hearing challenges, then start your journey to better hearing by contacting the Southern Ontario Hometown Hearing Centre location nearest you to schedule a hearing assessment by using the adjacent form today.

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