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Over the years, physicians have referred thousands of patients to Hometown Hearing Centre for hearing tests, hearing aid evaluations, tinnitus management and hyperacusis consultations. We welcome all patient referrals with a Free Hearing Test and Comprehensive Evaluation.

We’re also here to help answer any questions or respond to other concerns you might have regarding the impact of hearing health on the overall health of your patients.

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Questions and Answers Related to Hearing Health

We recognize that you’re busy with your practice and don’t always have time to answer all of your patients’ questions related to hearing health, so here are a few resources you can use to address some of the most common questions about hearing health.

What are the first signs of hearing loss?

The World Health Organization estimates that about 25% of the world’s population will experience a hearing loss by the year 2050. Consequently, ready access to hearing healthcare is imperative.

Hearing loss can develop gradually over time, and as such, people learn to live with it; some even put off seeking the help they need for up to 10 years during which time their condition worsens and additional health concerns like depression, anxiety, cognitive decline and balance disorders begin to develop.

So, what are some glaring signs that someone is dealing with hearing issues?

What is the real cost of hearing aids and hearing care?

The cost associated with getting hearing aids is among the most common deterrents to enjoying the advantages provided by hearing aids.

Hearing care clinics and hearing aid dispensers don’t always provide transparency when it comes to pricing or the ongoing support and care provided by hearing care professionals in contrast to purchasing an OTC product or a device online.

As online companies continue to offer cheaper devices with no hearing healthcare included and no device support after the initial purchase, many experience greater harm to their hearing or end up abandoning them without reaping the full benefit they provide.

What do my ears have to do with balance and dizziness?

Have you ever felt dizzy after standing up suddenly or felt a little unsteady on your feet after getting off of a boat or airplane? In most of these cases, your inner ear is not working fast enough to adjust your sense of balance or not functioning the way it is supposed to due to a malfunction of your vestibular system.

Slow adjustment to sudden motion is a form of vertigo known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). It occurs when tiny calcium crystals called otoconia come loose from their normal location on the utricle, a sensory organ in the inner ear, interrupting the typical function of the inner ear.

In addition to being an integral part of hearing, the auditory system is an incredible mix of bones, hairlike cells, nerves and fluid that all work together as the vestibular system to help you with your balance.

What is that ringing in my ears?

The Tinnitus Association of Canada estimates that more than 360,000 Canadians experience some form of tinnitus, but for most of these, tinnitus is only on rare and brief occasions at a low intensity. About 150,000 of these people experience severe tinnitus that can be quite disruptive and painful to their lives, and persistent tinnitus also are experiencing a hearing loss.

Often mislabeled as a disease, tinnitus is actually a side effect or symptom of some other condition that affects the neurological processes involved in the processing of sound. The specific cause of tinnitus remains unknown as does a definitive cure, but there are proven technologies and techniques that help manage the impact of tinnitus on your lifestyle and quality of life.

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The Hidden Risks of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is frustrating for those who have it and for their loved ones. But recent research from Johns Hopkins reveals that it also is linked with walking problems, falls and even dementia.

The Hidden Risks of Hearing Loss

Each patient will have their own specific needs. If you think it would benefit you, or your team, to better understand the challenges created for your patient by their hearing difficulties, a Zoom call with the Hometown Hearing team could really help. Click the button to schedule a call with us, and we’ll be in contact to arrange a time to suit

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