Custom Earmolds and Earplugs in Ontario

You know what they say about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? You probably feel you’re doing exactly that when you use generic earplugs, earbuds or earmolds. Not only do they feel like they’re going to fall out, but they also get more uncomfortable the longer you wear them.

Generic earmolds and earplugs don’t fit right because everyone’s ears are a little bit different. If you have to wear earplugs, earbuds or earmolds for extended periods of time, you are probably wondering if there is a solution to poor fitting earplugs and earbuds.

Custom earmolds and earplugs are built from a casting taken of your outer ear so that they fit the exact contours of your ear, allowing a better seal for sound as well as a more comfortable and secure fit.

“Can I get custom earmolds near me?”

Yes, you can! Each of our 18+ Hometown Hearing Centre locations in Southern Ontario is able to provide you with custom earmolds, earplugs or earbuds to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

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What Are Custom Earmolds?

Traditional custom molded earplugs begin with an impression or mold taken from the outer ear canal. These impressions are taken by trained professionals who insert a dam in the ear canal and then fill it with the impression material. Once the impression material sets, it is carefully removed, inspected, packaged and shipped to the earmold laboratory for fabrication.

Recent innovations have made it possible for hearing care professionals to develop an impression of your ear by using laser scanners and rendering software to develop a digital 3D image from which custom molds and plugs are constructed using 3D printing. Using this technique makes it possible to have multiple earmolds made from the initial impression.

In addition to providing custom earmolds for hearing aids, we offer custom earplugs for a variety of other activities, such as:

  • Shooting and hunting
  • Hearing protection for construction and industrial equipment use
  • Hearing protection for using lawn and garden appliances, tools, chainsaws, motorcycles and snowmobiles
  • Hearing protection for concerts and sporting events
  • Earbuds for musicians or for listening to music through your personal player
  • Earplugs for swimmers to protect against “swimmer’s ear”
A female swimmer wearing earplugs getting out of water

Types of Custom Earmolds from Hometown Hearing Centre

Custom Earmolds for Hearing Aids
An earpiece or earmold that is shaped to an individual’s ear improves the volume and clarity produced by processed sound as well as limiting issues with acoustic feedback. Custom earmolds are more comfortable to wear all day and remain securely in place during daily activity.
Ear Defenders or Ear Protectors
Custom molded earplugs that are designed to block out excessively loud noise in order to prevent damage to your hearing. They are designed to create a precise seal in the outer ear canal while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for all day use that may include extensive activity.
Musicians Ear Molds
Custom molded earplugs that filter out certain noises while allowing the musician to monitor the music they are performing. These earbuds reduce the volume without muffling or altering the tone and quality of the sound, fitting securely and comfortably in the ear while you perform.
Sleeper Molds
Less bulky than standard ear defenders, sleeper molds are made of a softer medical grade silicone material that fits the precise contour of your ears for a better sound seal, secure fit and all-night comfort while you sleep.
Swim/Surf Molds
The tighter, more secure seal of custom swim and surf molds provides better protection against “swimmer’s ear” caused by water in the ears during water-related sports and activities.
Communication Molds and Personal Earbuds
Custom molded ear tips provide a more comfortable and secure fit for communication devices as well as better sound quality so you don’t miss anything important. They also provide a better solution than generic earbuds for those who frequently use personal earbuds with video games, music or other digital electronics.

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Whether for hearing aids, hearing protection, communication, music, swimming or other purposes, custom earmolds and earplugs provide greater comfort, a more secure fit and a better protection against unwanted sounds or water.

Hometown Hearing Centre provides custom earmolds and earbuds for our clients at each of our 18+ locations throughout Southern Ontario.

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