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If you are wondering whether we’re the right hearing health partners for you, on this page, you’ll learn the 10 reasons why so many people decide to partner with Hometown Hearing for their hearing care needs.

Since 2015, when we opened our first office in Cambridge, we have become the first choice hearing care provider for over 25,000 people in Ontario.

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10 Reasons to Choose Hometown Hearing

Access to 18 Convenient Locations

Life is busy enough without having to travel to a specific location for your hearing care needs. That’s why we have 18 locations spread across Ontario to make accessing the most trusted hearing care as simple as possible.

Each location is tastefully decorated, easy to locate, offers free parking and we have invested in all the latest state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest levels of hearing care for you and your loved ones.

Access to the Latest & Most Advanced Hearing Technology

Unlike some clinics, we are not limited to just fitting one hearing aid manufacturer. We instead choose to be independent to ensure that we can partner with all hearing aid manufacturers to find each patient the right technology to meet their unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.

Like your fingerprint, you can be confident you’ll have a unique solution for your unique hearing loss.

A Team of Over 40 Local Hearing Professionals

One of the fastest growing health teams in Ontario of highly regarded hearing care professionals; Hearing Instrument Specialists, a former ENT Practitioner, and a support team of Patient Care Coordinators, you can be confident that you’ll receive the highest levels of care.

With hundreds of years of combined experience, our team have collectively helped thousands of people to achieve better hearing and reconnect with the world around them, meaning that no matter what challenges you’re facing, they have almost definitely found solutions for others with the exact same circumstances.

Trusted by Local Doctors and Medical Professionals

One of our greatest honours being the trusted hearing care specialists to many of Ontario’s highest regarded Doctors and medical professionals.

From offering them support and advice on hearing health, through to being the trusted team that helps take care of their patients.

Operated by Two Husband and Wife Teams

The Hometown Hearing team and business had evolved quickly since opening the doors to our first location in 2015 in Cambridge Ontario, and our core philosophies and values remain unchanged.

With the values of marriage being focussed on respect and loyalty, these values are lived and breathed throughout each member of our team, which in turn is how we deliver our patientcare, ensuring you have hearing care partners for life.

Access to State-of-The-Art Equipment

With hearing testing and fitting technology progressing so rapidly, it’s easy for a clinic to be left behind unless they’re continually investing in the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

At Hometown Hearing, we’re constantly looking to ‘push the envelope’ and invest in the latest testing equipment to ensure your hearing evaluations are as accurate as possible, and ongoing care equipment to maximize the performance of your hearing devices.

Multiple Ways to Invest

Although the traditional way to invest in hearing care was to pay an out-of-pocket expense up front, we understand that this isn’t always a convenient way to invest. That’s why we have developed multiple options to add extra convenience and make stepping into better hearing as simple as possible.

These include in-house payment programs which include 0% financing. We help you access and navigate the many Government programs available once qualified, such as; the Assistive Device Program (ADP), WSIB, ODSP, VAC/DVA, RCMP, and NIHB. In addition, we accept all Private Insurances (such as; Greenshield, Manulife), and offer exclusive discounts up to $2,000 off a pair of the latest hearing aid technology though our partnership program with Healthlink Advantage, exclusively at Hometown Hearing.

Hearing Aid Repair Specialists

With the hearing care industry going through dramatic shifts, many people find themselves in a position where the place they originally purchased their hearing aids is either out of business or no longer able to support them.

That’s why we have our professional hearing aid repairs and maintenance services open to all hearing aid wearers, regardless of where they were purchased.

With the latest equipment and relationships with all major manufacturers, we have hearing aid repair specialists on our team across our 18 locations to help support any challenges that you may be experience.

Committed to You for the Long Haul

With your hearing journey being one for life, you want to have the confidence that your hearing care partners will be with you for the long-haul.

Although our doors opened in 2015, we plan to deliver the highest levels of hearing care long into the future, giving you peace of mind that you’re stepping into a marriage with us, not a fling.

14-Day Test-Drives of Hearing Technology

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, so it’s crazy to expect you to invest in hearing aids without first experiencing the difference to your everyday world.

Hometown Hearing are proud to be one of only a few clinics in Ontario to offer no-obligation 14-day test drives of technology to ensure the chosen devices are perfect for you.

Schedule a Free Hearing Test

Being able to hear children laughing, a conversation with your best friend, your favourite TV show, birds chirping, the sound of crickets on a warm summer evening or other sounds you love help make life worth living.

With a comprehensive hearing assessment conducted by one of our professionals, you can help ensure that you can hear as long as possible.

Contact the Southern Ontario Hometown Hearing Centre location nearest you in order to schedule a hearing assessment by using the adjacent form, and a member of our team will call you in order to provide assistance.

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