Meet the Hometown Hearing Centres Team

Mark and Cathy Houselander opened Hometown Hearing Centre in Cambridge, Ontario in 2015. Now their hearing care services are available in 18 locations across Southern Ontario.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a hearing clinician, Cathy Houselander and the licensed members of our team provide comprehensive tests for hearing loss as well as customized hearing solutions, like hearing aid fittings, ear molds, repairs and adjustments, and counselling and support for her patients throughout their hearing journey.

Our Trusted Hearing Care Team

Hometown Hearing Centre is a cutting-edge hearing practice dedicated to clinical excellence by providing compassionate hearing healthcare with a focus on quality service and the best in hearing aid and other hearing technology in each of our 18 locations throughout Ontario.

The members of our team are 100% dedicated to our patients’ satisfaction and improved hearing. By focusing on patient care and a willingness to truly listen, along with providing customized hearing solutions, we have earned the trust of individuals, organizations and physicians in the area.

Whether you’re new or have been with us for a while, we invite you to get to know our team members.

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Schedule a Free Hearing Test

Being able to hear children laughing, a conversation with your best friend, your favourite TV show, birds chirping, the sound of crickets on a warm summer evening or other sounds you love help make life worth living.

With a comprehensive hearing assessment conducted by one of our professionals, you can help ensure that you can hear as long as possible.

Contact the Southern Ontario Hometown Hearing Centre location nearest you in order to schedule a hearing assessment by using the adjacent form, and a member of our team will call you in order to provide assistance.

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