Our expertise will help your loved ones find the best and most affordable brand of hearing aid to win back their hearing!

Help a Loved One Who Is Losing Their Hearing

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Communication, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Do you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over to your elderly loved ones because they can’t hear? There is no need to worry, as it is a common occurrence.

1 in 3 adults suffer from hearing loss as they get older. The number rises to 1 in 2 adults, for ages of 75 and over. While it may be difficult and frustrating for both our loved ones and us, it is completely treatable.

Let’s see how Hometown Hearing Centre in Ontario can help you with this, step by step.

Get Diagnosed With Free Hearing Test

If your loved one is over the age of 60, has difficulty in understanding you, or constantly asks you to repeat yourself, you might want to schedule a hearing test for them.

Not only will a hearing test diagnose if your loved one actually has hearing loss or not, the test will also show the extent of the hearing loss. You can have the hearing test for free at any Hometown Hearing Centre in Ontario.

Restore Hearing Again

If the hearing test does confirm your loved one suffers from hearing loss, you can start moving on with the treatment.

While there is no way to restore the hearing of your loved one permanently, hearing aids provide the best solution without any intrusive surgery.

At Hometown Hearing Centre, we offer many types of hearing aids, including Bluetooth hearing aids which help your loved ones having phone calls effortlessly!

Two Week Hearing Aid Trial

If you are getting hearing aids for your loved ones for the first time, the first type of hearing aids they try might not be the hearing aids that fit them the best.

If your loved ones are already skeptical about using hearing aids, hearing aids that don’t fit them can result in a huge disappointment and possibly never using hearing aids again.

This is why we at Hometown Hearing Centre offer a 2-week free trial period before you buy them. In these 14 days, you are free to take the hearing aid home and test it out as you wish.

Hearing Aid Repair

At Hometown Hearing Centre, your loved one can also get their hearing aid repaired for affordable prices. In most cases, repairing the hearing aid will cost a lot less than replacing it with a brand new one.

Our hearing experts will repair most issues your hearing aids can encounter. On top of that, you can even get loaner hearing aids if the repair process takes a bit longer!

Get Hearing Aid Support at Hometown Hearing Centre

For most people, hearing loss is an inevitable fact of life, especially as they get older.

The good news is that this ailment is completely treatable with affordable hearing aids that fit every budget.

If you want your loved one to stop feeling embarrassed because they can’t understand what is being said and regain their confidence, visit one of our 11 clinics in Ontario at your leisure.

Our expertise will help your loved ones find the best and most affordable brand of hearing aid to win back their hearing!

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